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Skoops ice cream

Meet the Team


It's what's on the inside that counts

Our Mission Statement "We will deliver on creating delicious, memorable experiences and guest loyalty through community involvement and taking care of one another in and around our neighborhoods.  We promise to only serve the highest quality and freshest products in a quick and friendly manner."  

These words are the framework to our business, our passion for people and great ice cream!  One piece of advice we can share is... Whatever your dream is, make it happen.  It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

We strive for excellence in guest service, product quality, and speed.

What makes Skoops different? 

Our one-of-a-kind homemade vanilla custard recipe took us six months to perfect. This mixture went through numerous iterations until one night, after pure exhaustion we looked at each other and said… “Yes, this is it!” Our homemade custard uses three main ingredients: milk, cream and egg yolks. Therefore, you’ll notice its yellow tint and distinct flavor! 




Built in 1967 by a local Barberton police officer named Pete Peresta.  Actually he built the house right next door as well!  In the same year, the retaining wall that starts at our front lot near 5th Street and wraps all the way around the back corner is made of old Barberton sidewalks. In 1985, Larry & Charlotte Smart of Barberton purchased the shop and changed the name to SKOOPS.  The name is spelled with a "K" because it made it stand out and be different.  The building again sold in 1995 to Bev & Jim Woodford of Barberton when Larry and Charlotte retired. Jim and Bev owned it until 2016 under the Skoops name.  For many years it was closed down and waiting to be brought back to life... This is where we came in!  Today the "K" in Skoops, stands for kindness.

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